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    BEML Spare Parts

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    BEML Spare Parts

    BEML Spare Parts

    Cylinder Kit:

    • Liner, Piston, Piston Pin, Piston lock, Piston Rings, Liner O-Rings.
    Cummins spares

    Cylinder head & related parts:

    • Cylinder head, Valve inlet, Valve exhaust, Valve guide, Valve seat/insert, Valve spring, Valve retainer, Valve collet/locks, Injector sleeve, Injector tube, Cylinder head gasket, Rotor assembly, Plug expansion, Guide valve stem, Crosshead, Cap bolt.

    Tappet Assembly, Rocker arm & parts:

    • Tappet assembly, rocker arm, Rocker arm housing, Rocker arm cover, Rocker arm cover gasket, Rocker arm busing, Rocker arm valve, Rocker arm injector, Rocker shaft, Rocker adjusting screw and nut.

    Cam follower and parts:

    • Cam follower assembly,Cam follower roller, Roller pin, Cam follower lever, Cam housing gasket, Shaft, Push rod.

    Crankshafts & gears:

    • Crankshaft, Crankshaft front gear, Crankshaft rear gear, Oil seals, Sleeves.

    Bearings & Thrusts:

    • Main bearings, Connecting rod bearing, Thrust bearing, Camshaft thrust.

    Connecting rod & parts:

    • Connecting rod, Connecting rod bolt & nut, Connecting rod bush.

    Camshaft, gear & bushings:

    • Camshaft, Camshaft gear, Support camshaft thrust, Camshaft key woodruff, Plug pipe, Cam bush.

    Cylinder block:

    • Long and short cylinder blocks, Main bearing caps>

    Gasket kits & related gasket:

    • Top/head gasket kit, Bottom/block gasket kit, Cylinder head gasket, Rocker housing gasket, Exhaust manifold gasket and Oil pan gasket.

    Oil pumps & Relief Valves:

    • Oil pumps, Oil pressure relief valve, Relief valve spring.

    Cooling Systems:

    • Oil cooler, Oil cooler gaskets, Oil cooler O ring & retainer, Aftercooler assembly, Aftercooler core, Aftercooler gasket, Radiator fan, Thermostats, Piston cooling nozzles.
    Cooling system

    Water pump and Related Parts:

    • Water pump assembly, Water pump repair kit, Water pump mounting gasket, Impeller, Shaft, Seals, Oil seal, Bearings, Idler assembly.

    Vee belts & Pulleys:

    • Belts, Fan pulleys, Accessory drive pulley, Water pump pulley, Crankshaft Pulley, Idler pulley.

    Vibration damper, flywheel & ring gears:

    • Vibration damper, flywheel assembly, Ring gears.

    Compressor & Components:

    • Housing, Air Compressor Crankshaft, Piston Kit, Cylinder head kit, Cylinder head, Valve kit, Gasket kit.

    Fuel pump assembly & Parts:

    • PT type fuel pump assemblies, Fuel pump repair kits, Gear pump assembly, Actuators, Fuel pump housing, Actuator housing, Fuel pump body, Flange, Shutoff valve, Valve disc, Solenoid, Plug pipe, Spider & Jaw coupling, Srews, Washers, Nuts, Caps, Snap ring, Shims, Plugs, Screen filter, Throttle shaft, Barrel plunger, Idler assembly & parts, Springs, Weight & Carrier assembly, Damper assembly, Bushings, Diaphragm, Tachometer assembly, Seals, O-Rings, Gaskets, Etc.,

    Fuel Injector & parts:

    • Injector assembly-flange/cylinder/STC/top stop type, Barrel & plunger, Cup, Ball check, Orifice, Screen filter, Spring, Retainer, Link, Tapppet assembly, Dowel locks, Seals. Etc.,

    Turbo charger & Parts:

    • Turbo charger & assembly, Core, Rotor assembly, Mounting gasket, Repair kits.

    Accessory drive assembly:

    • Drive shaft, Spider jaw coupling, gear accessory drive, Bearing thrust, Half jaw coupling.

    Rubber parts, hoses & clamps:

    • All type O rings, AVM pads, Rubber insert, Water hoses, Elbow hoses, Hump hoses, Fuel hoses, Air cleaner hoses, Water hose clamps, Air cleaner hose clamps, Turbocharger clamps.

    Manifolds, bellows & connections:

    • Exhaust manifold, intake manifold, water manifold, gaskets, water connections, bellows.


    • Fan hub assembly, Belt tensioner, Fan bracket assembly, Fan bracket adjusting screw, Support fan bracket, Oil guage bracket assembly, Oil gauge bracket, Tube dipstick, Filler cap.

    Housing, covers & oil pan:

    • Flywheel housing, Gear case cover, Cam follower housing, Rocker housing, Rocker cover, After cooler housing, Thermostat housing, Oil cooler housing, Oil cooler cover, Fuel filter shell & Cover, Oil filter shell & cover, Super bypass shell & cover, Plate rear cover, Engine support, Oil pan.

    Engine filters:

    • Oil filter, Fuel filter, Super bypass oil filter, Air filter, Breather filter, Water separator, Oil filter assembly, Fuel filter assembly, Super bypass oil filter assembly, Air filter assembly, Breathe filter assembly.

    Electro mechanical parts:

    • Digital tacho-hour meter, Digital tacho meter, Magnetic pick up, temperature sensor, Shur down/ Shut off valves, Fuel off Solenid, Flange heater, Temperature switches, Temperature safety control, Oil safety control, Water jacket heater, Actuators, EFC Governer, Instrument panel, Harness wire, Glow plug, Pressure safety control.