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    AMF Panel

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    AMF Panel

    About AMF Panel:

    The Automatic Mains Failure Panel AMF Panel is all our Diesel Generator Sets. We have in house manufacturing setup to fabricate the AMF Panel and assemble it's parts.

    AMF Panel The Automatic Mains Panel AMF panels are available in all our Diesel Generator Sets rating from 7.5KVA to 1250KVA Prime. Further our gerenerators are equipped with AMF logic panels to enable the Genset to start automatically when there's a power failure and switch the Diesel generator off once the power grid is available. The AMF panel operates by giving a command to the Diesel generator set to switch on once the main power fails and once the engine has reached the required 1500RPM, Another command is given to the switchgear to close and the Diesel generator power is not available at the distribution panel.

    Also the AMF panels provides for shutting down the DG set after a settable cooling-off period to prevent hot shutdowns of the engine.

    We design and manufacture Auto panels with multiple changeovers as per the client’s requirement which includes synchronizing various AMF panels of same or different ratings of DG sets. The synchronizing panel is designed for Generator sets with different makes and ratings customized for our clients.

    AMF Panel Technical specifiations:
    • 14/16 Guage Powder Coated Steel Sheet.

    • Lnt / Schneider Contactors.

    • Safety Bypass Changeover for emergency.

    • Relay timers for timing setting.

    • Applicable for 10 KVA to 1000 KVA Gensets.

    • Voltage monitoring and safety system.