Tata DG Rental

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    Tata DG Rental

    Tata DG Rent/Hire:


    • 10KVA
    • 20KVA
    • 30KVA
    • 40KVA
    • 60KVA
    • 62.5KVA
    • 82.5KVA
    • 125KVA


    • Banquet Halls.
    • Hotels.
    • Commercial buildings.
    • Cafes.
    • Restaurants.
    • Back-up for factories.
    • Apartments.
    • Individual bungalow

    Key Features of Tata Generators:-

    • TATA Engines are designed aesthetically, Highly fuel efficient, Environment-Friendly and operating costs are on low, Low Oil & Fuel consumption, Low vibrations and lesser noise levels, Better & Easy service and repairing.

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    Tata generator