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    Calibration Of Pump and Injectors

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    Calibration Of Pump and Injectors

    Fuel Pump Calibration:-

    Cummins PT type Fuel Pump Calibration Stand
    We are equipped with Calibration stand specifically for Pressure Timing (PT Pump) for cummins Fuel Pump and Fuel Injectors
    Testing and Calibration of STC and Top stop Injectors also done in-house for following cummins models.
    Cummins NT495, Cummins NTA743, Cummins 6BT, Cummins 6CT, Cummins N14, Cummins KTA19, Cummins KTA38, Cummins QSB5.9, Cummins QSL6.7, Cummins 6L.

    1. Calibrating Injectors for different orifice plates, max delivery range 400mm3/ stroke.
    2. Calibrating Injectors with pintle type nozzle, max. delivery range 200mm2 / stroke.
    • Latest model of fuel pump test stand for cummins engines.
    • Accurate, reproducible and well documented determination of Cummins Fuel pump condition.
    • Injector Calibration to +/-0.2% accuracy and fuel pump calibration to +/-0.5% accuracy.
    • Temperature controlled fuel pump testing to achieve dependable results.
    • Tests leakage between plunger and barrel.
    • Tests the gear pump function.
    • No disassembly necessary before testing.
    • No cleaning necessary after testing.
    • Detailed reporting and long term data storage for all calibrated pumps and injectors passing through our calibration facility.
    Specialized leakage tester for Cummins Fuel Injectors

    We Provide following fuel injection parts along with calibration service:-

    (i) Injector parts.
    • (a)Flange Type Assembly.
    • (b)STC Type Assembly.
    • (c)Top Stop Type Assembly.
    1. Barrel and Plunger.
    2. Injector cup.
    3. Ball check.
    4. Orifice.
    5. Screen filter.
    6. Spring.
    7. Retainer.

    2. Fuel Pump Parts:-

    - PT type fuel pump assemblies, fuel pump repair kits, gear pump assembly, actuators, fuel pump housing, actuator housing, fuel pump body, flange, shutoff valve, valve disc, solenoid, plug pipe, spider & jaw coupling, screws, washers, nuts, caps, snap ring, shims, plugs, , screen filter, throttle shaft, barrel & plunger, idle assembly & parts, springs, weight & carrier assembly, damper assembly, bushings, diaphragm, tachometer assembly, seals.

    Calibration of Pump and Injectors.

    (A) Fuel Pump Parts:

    • PT Type fuel assemblies.
    • Fuel pump repair kits.
    • Gear pump assembly.
    • Actuators.
    • Fuel pump housing.
    • Actuator housing.
    • Fuel pump body.
    • Flange.
    • Sutoff Valve.
    • Valve dics.
    • Solenoid.
    • Plug pipe.
    • Spider and Jaw coupling.
    • Screws.
    • Washers.
    • Nuts.
    • Caps.
    • Snap ring.
    • Shims.
    • Plugs.
    • Screen filter.
    • Throttle Shaft.
    • Barrel & Plunger.
    • Idle assembly & Parts.
    • Springs.
    • Weight & Carrier assembly.
    • Damper assembly.
    • Bushings.
    • Diaphragm.
    • Tachometer assembly.
    • Seals.
    • O-Rings.
    • Gaskets, Etc.,

    (B) Injector Parts:

    • Injector assembly-flange / Cylinder / STC / Top stop type.
    • Barrel & Plunger.
    • Cup.
    • Ball check.
    • Orifice.
    • Screen filter.
    • Spring.
    • Retainer.
    • Link.
    • Seals, Etc.,

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